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Every morning offers something wonderful, so one must rise to discover where that wonder lies.


Edit Hermkens is an artist living and working in the Hungarian countryside. Her paintings are inspired by simple and everyday normalities, she brings forth these scenes with a playful twist of characters and bold colours using classical painting traditions. Edit is a world traveller, her paintings are inspired by personal experiences and her work offers a visionary escape from urban lifestyle. 

The characters displayed in her artwork, sometimes mimic the grotesque, where animal, humans and nature are crescendoed. There is humour and exaggeration displayed in the characters that offer a sense of excitement and movement to the artwork. Their role is to create joyfulness and ease the tension that lies within the painting.

The playful and dramatic colours contrast the inner fears and anxieties of the artist. For Edit the creative process offers a sense of self-discovery, as during the journey of each piece there is the dialogue between painting and artist, and the underlying and unspoken fears of oneself arise. 

Inspired by the intricacies of the workings of nature, and by simply noticing, Edit dreams up a fantasy world. During the process of painting, she allows the everyday happenings of nature, bold characters and animals to enter these fantasy worlds. It is a journey into nature, where scenes evolve during the development of the artworks, where the end is only final when Edit puts down the paintbrush.

Edit’s work is included in private collections internationally and displayed in public collections such as the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture in Budapest. Edit recently exhibited at the Art Market Budapest and she is represented by the Maggio Art Consultancy. 


Solo exhibitions


Brody House, Budapest (postponed)
National Weeks, Arad (postponed)


Step by Step, Ady25 Galéria, Budapest
Physis, Móra Múzeum, Kiskunfélegyháza
Physis, Tokácsli Galéria, Szentes
“Artist of the Month”, Hírös Agóra, Kecskemét
Flow,Szoboszlai Galéria, Szolnok


Autumn Exhibition, Hódmezővásárhely
The afternoon of Flora and Fauna, Public Library, Kiskunfélegyháza


Animal cattle and more, Tiszavirág Hotel, Szeged


“God knows where…?” Somogyi Library/ József Sófi Foundation for Talents, Szeged

Public appearances as a collective


Bank, Synagogue Szolnok
Female identity, Budapest Zikkurat
T-Art exhibitions, Budapest, San Marco Gallery
National Weeks-Kölcsey group, Arad Muzeum of Clio
Genius Loci, Óbuda Exhibition, Esernyős Gallery


Budapest Art Market online/ Art extra/ Hungarian Museum of Agriculture
Advent/ Hope and renewal, Kecskemét, Hirös Agora online exhibition
Trance, Zsinagóga, Szolnok
On the way of Women, Zikkurat, Budapest
Landscape Biennale, Hatvan
MUK, Budapest
Spring Show, Hírös Agóra, Kecskemét


Hungarian National Museum, Esztergom
Portray Biennale, Hatvan
Female Line, Zikkurat, Budapest
Buzias Plein Air, Temesvár
Regional Art Center, Szeged
Autumn Show, Hódmezővásárhely
Spring Show, Hírös Agóra, Kecskemét
Művelődési Központ Biennálé, Kiskunfélegyháza


III. Egri Országos Akvarell Triennálé
Miniart, Rijeka


Regional Art Center (REÖK), Szeged


Sport Museum “Ezüstgerely” competition, Budapest



Bachelor in Fine Arts, department of Painting/Graphic Design.


University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Faculty of Education, Department of Art and Art History.

Public collection

Hungarian Museum of Agriculture
Marcelland International Art Collection - Museum of Ottó Herman

Charity Auctions


All in Challenge for Báthor Tábor
Suhanj Alapítvány


All in Challenge for Báthor Tábor


2021 T-ART
2020 MUK
2018 KKK
2016 MAOE