The afternoon of Flora and Fauna

The sensual world of the pictures of Edit Hermkens has an impact on us with its intensive and vibrant colors. Besides her still-life pictures, her animal illustrations stand out among her works. Beyond the contrast effect of shapes and colors, these pictures involve her art goal of representing the special character of animals.

Her artworks do not talk about visible objects or animals, but her pictures tell us about the fleeting moment, and the feelings that came when she looked at them.

At the exhibition of Edit Hermkens organized in our town, Mayor József Csányi greeted the fellow artists and the audience:

“In the world of artists it is unique that someone becomes an artist by simply discovering her talent and acquiring the necessary skills on her own. In my opinion, Edit Hermkens went through this journey successfully. As I look around the hall, I would recommend for everyone to get closer to the paintings and to ponder. The artist reveals a very interesting world, since each of her paintings reflects her soul."

Following the speech of the mayor, Tibor Weiner Sennyey, a writer, a poet and the editor-in-chief of DRÓT magazine, opened the exhibition. Cameraman, Dávid Gajdics also contributed to the art opening.

The exhibition is open until 18th May.